The Venue

Where to find us

The 6th AIROYoung Workshop will be held in the Conference Room at

Roma Tre University
Engineering Department
Via Vito Volterra 62
00146 Rome (Italy)


COVID-19 Regulation

According to the current Italian regulation, on-site presence is possible only for those participants who recovered from the disease, received a vaccination with a vaccine recognized by EMA and AIFA or are exempted for medical reasons.

Currently, recognized vaccines are: Comirnaty (PfizerBioNtech), Spikevax (Moderna), Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen (Janssen-Johnson & Johnson).

Certificates of vaccination released by foreign national healthcare authorities are considered valid and equivalent to the Italian Covid-19 certificate if they contain at least the following contents:

  • Name, surname, date of birth of the title holder
  • Data related with the vaccine (denomination and lot number)
  • Date of vaccination administration
  • Data related with the authority who released the certificate (State, Healthcare authority)

A certificate, which satisfies the previously mentioned requirements, is valid if it is issued in one of the following languages: English, Franch, German, Italian or Spanish. In the case it is issued in a different language, it is mandatory to provide a sworn translation.

We remind that all the EU Covid-19 certificates (Reinforced Green Pass) satisfy the previously mentioned requirements and are considered valid documents.

Those participants who are exempt from the vaccination for medical reasons are allowed to participate providing a medical certificate issued by a vaccination centre or a general practitioner. The certificate does not have to contain sensitive data (e.g., reason of exemption) but only:

  • Name, surname, date of birth
  • The sentence: “the person is exempt from the SARS-CoV-2 vaccination”
  • The expiring date of the certificate with the sentence: “Certificate valid until…”
  • Denomination of the Vaccinal Service and Region in which the doctor issuing the certificate operates
  • Sign and stamp of the doctor issuing the certificate
  • Number of registration to the register of doctors or fiscal code of the doctor issuing the certificate

We remind that it is mandatory to wear a FFP2 mask during the permanence at the university.

How to reach us

The pedestrian gate to the Venue is in Via Vito Volterra 60 (pay attention to the street Via Volterra located in a different district). The quickest and easiest way to get to the Venue is by metro. The nearest station is Stazione Basilica S. Paolo (B line or blue line).

Several metro stops are located nearby the Workshop venue, but please be aware that the Bus service suffers usual delays during heavy traffic or rush hours.

The bus and metro ticket costs €1,50 and is valid for one metro trip and unlimited bus ride for a total of 100 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at tickets machines, in bars, tobacconists and news-stands. Several apps now also allows to buy tickets on your phone. Other bus+metro fares can be found here.

From Roma Termini, take the metro line B direction Laurentina, and get off at “Basilica S. Paolo”. The metro trip should should take about 12 minutes. From there it takes a 10 minute walk to reach the Workshop Venue. Apart from typical train tickets, the metro system works also with Tap&go technology with contactless credit cards. More information here.

From Fiumicino International Airport, there is a direct train to Roma Trastevere that runs approximately every 15 minutes. The fare is 8€ and tickets can be purchased either directly at the airport or using the Trenitalia website/app. From Roma Termini to reach the Workshop Venue you can take two busses. From the Orti di Cesare bus stop just outside on the station area you can either take the Bus 766 (Millevoi direction) and get off at bus stop Calzecchi, or you can take the Bus 170 (Agricoltura direction) and get off at bus stop Marconi/Bortolotti.

From Ciampino International Airport there is a shuttle bus that connects to Roma Termini that passes every 30 minutes. From there you can take the metro line B direction Lauretina, and get off after 6 stops, at “Basilica S. Paolo”. The trip should take about 12 minutes. From there it takes a 10 minute walk to reach the Workshop Venue.