Selene Silvestri

Partner Solution – Associate Partner, Optimization – FICO

FICO Xpress Insight: the bridge between Optimization and the Business World

According to many industry analysts, more than half of data science projects are never fully deployed. FICO Xpress Optimization Suite offers a set of industry leading optimization algorithms and technologies to solve the toughest real-world problems, while allowing every level of users, from operations research professionals to business users and analysts, to work with them, thanks to FICO Xpress Insight. FICO Xpress Insight makes it easy to develop and deploy optimization solutions in a collaborative environment with interactive visualization, so that business users and analysts can work with any model is business terms, perform what if analysis and scenario comparison to understand trade-offs and take decisions based on the impact of the different analyzed strategies. During this session we will demonstrate how to work with FICO Xpress Insight, how to build and deploy an application, and we will show some examples of final applications developed for problems arose in different industries to show the breadth of possibilities that FICO Xpress Insight offers to the business world.